Flame Detectors

Optical (UV)                                                                                                                                                                                     Product Catalog

Certain flame monitoring requirements call for greater reliability than what a simple flame rod can provide.

(Key feature: These are designed and agency approved as ‘stand alone’ devices to work with any externally wired combustion control)

No amplifier module is required!

Semi-conductor sensor

This is a UV-sensitive photocell output that then must pass one leg of a dual channel microprocessor. The other channel has an algorithm programmed for irregularity, as a flame is. This is a safety feature to cut off errant pattern light, such as ambient or hot refractory following a flame-out. Commonly called a flicker sensor. Can interface with a PC using our software to determine optimum settings for your application. Since there is no UV tube, this flame detector can last many years.

UV Tube

Our workhorse semi-conductor sensor series handles most combustion applications and, due to long useful life, is preferred. There are certain applications, such as high turndown with very low flicker frequency, where only a UV tube sensor will work.


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